Dial-A-Ride Rural Public Transportation Program provides public transportation in Coles County for individuals of all ages and abilities. During FY2014, Dial-A-Ride served a total of 3,344 passengers with the traditional Dial-A-Ride service, along with approximately 3.543 passengers who used the ZIP LINE service.  A total of 52,335 units of service (one-way trips) were provided (a 14% increase over FY13).  In October 2012, the ZIP LINE was introduced for passengers traveling within/between Charleston & Mattoon – 30,050 units of service were provided with this deviated fixed route form of transportation where bus stops were designated and no reservations were required.

Dial-A-Ride strives to provide the safest, most economical transportation possible. Fares vary from $.50 to $7.00 each way depending on the passenger’s origin and destination; persons over the age over sixty are encouraged to make a suggested donation of $1.00 each way if they are traveling within the cities of Charleston, Mattoon and Lafayette Township; those under sixty, when traveling within the city limits, pay a fare of $3.00 each one-way trip; all ages pay $4.00 each way when traveling outside a city’s limit. All ages pay $7.00 each way when traveling outside Coles County.  Dial-A-Ride travels to Champaign/Urbana, Effingham, and Tuscola..

Dial-A-Ride’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The ZIP LINE hours of operation are Monday – Friday beginning at 8 a.m. and ending after the 4 p.m. route.

Fifteen buses, all of which are wheelchair accessible, provided door-to-door services on a combination demand-response/semi-scheduled basis. This rural, public transportation program continues to grow and be responsive to the changing needs of our community.

Contact Dial-A-Ride at 217-639-5169 and toll free 1-800-500-5505 and check out the Dial- A- Ride website at: www.dialaridetransit.org

Dial-A-Ride receives funding from the Title XX Donated Fund Initiative, Participant Contributions, State of Illinois Department of Transportation, Downstate Operating Assistance Program, the Federal Transit Administration, Fares, Private Donations, Vehicle Advertising, American Recovery & Reinvestment Act and Service Contracts.

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